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Getting you into your new home is our number one priority but keeping you there is where we can help, it’s important to plan for the unforeseen and ensure you have the right protection in place to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Life insurance

Life insurance is designed specifically to protect loved ones should the worst happen. There are many different ways in which life insurance can be taken, from paying off your mortgage, to more specific cover like paying for your child’s eduction. We offer specialist advice based on your priorities and will research from our insurance panel to […]

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Building & Contents insurance

Contents insurance is designed to protect your belongings inside and outside your property. There are many insurers out there who all offer different features and levels of cover. Whether you are in the process of moving or already have contents insurance in place please get in touch for a quote. Building insurance is the same […]

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Critical illness cover

This type of cover is designed for those individuals or families who would want a lump sum if they are diagnosed with a critical illness. This lump sum could be used is to repay a loan, mortgage, or perhaps pay for time off work. The lump sum could even be used to pay for any necessary alterations to your home or even medical treatment. 

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Income protection

Having a income is how you pay your mortgage and bills on a monthly basis, but what if this was taken away?

Income Protection is designed to replace your income and pay a tax free monthly amount, payable if you are off sick from work for an extended period of time.

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